As a requirement of Educ190, our group, Melvin Meriales, Kevin Bandelaria and I,  hosted a webinar entitled “Top 10 Google Tools Teachers Can’t Live Without.”  We were very lucky to have Ms. Shelly Terrell as our speaker. I really didn’t expect that she would reply to my tweet. I was really in awe when she accepted our invitation and even retweeted my tweet. 🙂 My groupmates and I were very thankful to her for helping us in making our webinar a successful one.


The most challenging part of hosting a webinar for me was inviting people to attend. Most of the people I invited were hesitating to continue joining because they thought their computers would be harmed if they download the stuff that Elluminate Live requires while some were just busy doing other things. Nonetheless, we still had 13 attendees, which is quite good enough for us.  Our webinar had a smooth flow and the attendees got a lot of helpful information on the Google tools  they can use in teaching.


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