TED TED has really been a big part of EDUC190. Most of the time, a TED video was being shown before, in the middle of or after the lecture/activities. I really got a lot of new and interesting insights from the talks of different TED speakers. Indeed, TED.com is really a useful website or resource […]

Flipped Classroom and Gagne’s Instructional Events

Making instructional plans is the most important thing a teacher should be good at. In this course, we also made a couple of instructional plans using the Gagne’s Instructional Events framework. This lesson plan on The Five Senses is my favorite one because my group mates and I have thought of a lot of fun and engaging […]

Skills Development: HTML

    One of the most enjoyable and challenging activities in Educ190 was to make an order form for a particular dining place outside UP using our knowledge on HTML. My groupmate, Kevin, and I decided to make an order form for Snach Shack, a burger store in Maginhawa St., Quezon City.  This was really […]

Top 10 Twitter Accounts to Follow For Education Technology

Shelly S Terrell – @ShellTerrell Among the very top educators on Twitter, Shelly tweets a consistent stream of fantastic new resources for bringing technology into the classroom. An expert on webinars and global education collaboration, following her is one of the most direct routes you can take to get connected with other like-minded educators around the […]


As a requirement of Educ190, our group, Melvin Meriales, Kevin Bandelaria and I,  hosted a webinar entitled “Top 10 Google Tools Teachers Can’t Live Without.”  We were very lucky to have Ms. Shelly Terrell as our speaker. I really didn’t expect that she would reply to my tweet. I was really in awe when she […]